When you travel the world as much as I do, it helps to have a dedicated page that reminds you of what to pack and what to anticipate. This page caters to fellow road warriors or vacationers who need occasional trip suggestions and checklists

This guide features extensive tips and checklists to mitigate stressful pre-trip planning. Click the button to view my blog.

Have you ever been accosted, chased, or followed? This safety blog lists 5 ways to protect yourself on the road or at home.

Packing light is essential for any successful journey. The photo gallery shows some of my favorite trip must-haves. Hover over each photo for additional detail.

1. Save battery power by switching to airplane mode while traveling long distances. You can still take photos without rapidly draining precious reserves.


2. Charging your phone with airplane mode activated will decrease the length of time it takes to reach 100% battery power.


3. Download these helpful mobile apps: 

- World Currency Converter (Appeum)

Translator (iHandy)

- Alarm Clock 4 Free (Impala Studios)

- WeChat or WhatsApp: Free Calls/Texts


4. Keep photo copies of your passport/ID/visas in a separate pouch in case you need to replace them abroad. 



My favorite thing to do abroad is sit on a park bench and people-watch with earbuds and iPod in tow. 

My Top 10 Travel Songs


1.  One Headlight - Wallflowers

2. World in My Eyes - Depeche Mode

3. Don't Get Me Wrong - Pretenders

4. Forget You - Ceelo Green

5. Beggin' - Madcom

6. How to Save a Life - The Frey

7. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins

8. Don't Stop Believeing - Journey

9. Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran

10. Drive By - Train

I've traveled to over 50 countries for work and for play. Here are my Top 5 destinations (Click on the embedded hyperlinks for more info.)


1.  Italy

2. China

3. Cuba

4. Peru

5. Spain

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