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I often daydreamed about auditioning for the Amazing Race - a reality TV show, where contestants happily traverse the globe vying for a million dollar prize.  I could easily see my ultra-competitive self surmounting numerous obstacle courses, outsmarting the competition with my travel savvy, and out-eating them with my insatiable, hobbit-like hunger.  Since I was born a full blown workaholic, this ongoing daydream, however, seemed extremely far-fetched.


Reality Bites (2007):  Knee deep in an actual rat race, I was unhappily working 100+ hour work weeks wishing I could eat what I want, drink what I want, and do what I want - anywhere in the world.  After several months of grueling demands, I finally had a breakthrough. My gut told me that it's time to explore the world and shed anything that was detrimental to my well being including my financial lifeline. 


While most people would have sulked and succumbed to common excuses (I can't afford to do that. I don't have time or money right now), I did the exact opposite.  I quit even though I had a mortgage. I left my stable, lucrative job even though I had no idea where my travel funds would come from or how I would survive a solo backpacking trip across 11 countries. I made a highly uncommon choice back then and LOVED every second of my global sojourn. No regrets.


After 14 months of pure jet-setter bliss, I returned to the daily grind incredibly refreshed, knowing that someday my extreme wanderlust would overtake my soul and beckon me to repeat history.  


Reinvention (2015): After 7 post-world exploration years of schlepping through several demanding jobs (including my most recent senior executive role), I chose to reinvent myself and my career. This time, for the rest of my life. 


I like to refer to it as Myra 2.0, the life I was originally meant to have.  The second iteration will be filled with more laughter, more joy, more "living" than I ever thought possible. The older i get, the more precious time has become and how it's spent. 


Eat Drink and Be Myrais a tribute to those who want to live vicariously through a cuisine-loving, globe-trotting, candy-toting, wine/cocktail enthusiast. 


This site showcases my initial sojourn as well as my future worldwide (and local) galavants. Can't wait to Eat Drink and Be Myra as often as I can, anywhere my thirst and hunger take me.









No such thing as spare time.
No such thing as free time.
No such thing as down time.
All you got is life time.
Go.            - Henry Rollins
Palate Playground, LLC

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