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  • Myra Yatco

My Sloth Butt Encounter - Costa Rica

I LIKE SLOTH BUTTS, AND I CANNOT LIE. You're probably wondering why I kicked off this post with slightly altered "Baby Got Back" lyrics. No, it's not a secret perversion, but an intentionally cheeky (pun intended) way of describing my very first sloth encounter.

Why the sloth fascination? I blame Disney's "Zootopia". After watching the following scene, I instantly connected with the three-toed sloth character and couldn't wait to meet its non-fictional counterpart. That wish recently came true inside one of Costa Rica's biodiverse sanctuaries.

I was absolutely giddy when I finally saw one perched 30 feet above my head. Unfortunately, it was so far up that I could only catch a glimpse of its BULBOUS, FURRY BUTT. Not exactly what I had in mind when I booked my jungle adventure. I suppose this minor sighting will suffice since there were howler monkeys, iguanas, bats, and egrets to keep my animal-loving self distracted. Too bad since I traveled thousands of miles to see this particular mammal up close.

While my sighting didn't live up to my inflated expectations, there were other flora and fauna-related activities during my 6-day trek from San Jose to Monteverde.

Los Chiles - Cano Negro Boat Tour

My animal safari began with a full-day boat excursion bound for the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border. This video begins with my now infamous sloth sighting and ends inside an iguana sanctuary.

Monteverde - Walking Through a Cloud Forest

Join me as I traipse across 8 hanging bridges within Monteverde's tropical cloud forest. I definitely had one of those ay caramba moments as I crossed my favorite, suspended puente.

Doesn't it look like I'm walking on top of a lush topiary? This 360 degree, aerial capture speaks volumes. One word: Stunning.

Monteverde - Flying Tarzan?

This daredevil flew across 12 awesome zip lines before I tackled my biggest challenge to date. I've jumped out of planes several times, yet I couldn't handle the less daunting Selvatura Tarzan swing.? Witness my reaction when I reluctantly leapt off a 3-story platform.

Monteverde - Don Juan Coffee Plantation

Coffee is one of Costa Rica's top exports. Since I am a dark-roast aficionado, I couldn't wait to tour this Monteverde-based coffee farm. Segment includes brief clips from our coffee drying, pulping, peeling, and roasting tour. We also sampled fresh sugar cane and several varieties of Costa Rican chocolate. Muy delicioso!

Arenal - Lodging at the base of a volcano? Who knew?

Arenal Paraiso Resort and Spa has an unbelievable backdrop, a volcano that erupted in 1968 and is still somewhat active. My accommodations boast wooden cabins, unfiltered hot springs, and this jaw-dropping view.

As a die-hard animal lover, I typically squeal whenever I spot adorable creatures - reptiles and creepy crawlers excluded. So you can imagine my disappointment when I encountered a handful of fire ants and other crawlers inside my cabin.

Arenal - Volcano National Park

Took a leisurely 2km nature stroll through Arenal's protected park via the Las Coladas trail. This path through the secondary forest leads to the Arenal Volcano. I was sorely disappointed when ongoing injuries prevented my ascent across rugged lava formations. I guess I'll take a rainforest raincheck in the meantime.

Arenal - Eco Termales Hot Springs

Several days of nature hikes heavily taxed my geriatric joints. Eco Termales Hot Springs provided the ideal healing regimen as I simmered happily inside several therapeutic baths. My Cuba Libre (rum-based cocktail) helped too.

La Palmera - Escuela La Union

Our Gate1 tour hosts surprised us with an elementary school visit en route to Arenal. This stop left an indelible impression since I instantly connected with one of the 4-year old preschoolers. I will never forget the sweet girl who wouldn't leave my side even after her friends scurried off to play.

San Jose y Sarchi

If you're flying into Costa Rica from an international location, you will likely land in San Jose, its densely-populated capital. Mercado Central is the largest downtown market boasting hundreds of shops, sodas (cheap restaurants), meat/fruit vendors, and more. My favorite post office, Correos Telegrafos, is several blocks away and cannot be missed.

After our overnight in San Jose, we headed to Sarchi - a town known for its elaborately decorated ox carts and ginormous wheels. Que bonita!

The following segment includes footage from both brief city stops.

I love all things nature, but this excursion definitely took a toll on my physically exhausted body. That's a small price to pay after fully embracing Costa Rica's pura vida mentality.

With that said, I am temporarily resting with my gigantic stuffed monkey since I couldn't cuddle with my elusive Costa Rican sloth. Maybe next time, I'll see more than its round derriere. In the meantime, I'll pass along the ear worm that has plagued me ever since my sloth butt encounter. You can thank me later.

I like SLOTH butts and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny That when a SLOTH walks in with an itty bitty waist And a round thing in your face...

Pura vida from Eat Drink and Be Myra!


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Travel Tip:

- Many websites say that tap water is potable in most cities. That may be true, but I had an unfortunate experience during my last day. To be safe, purchase bottled water only.


Costa Rica Colón

Electricity: 110 volts. If traveling from the US, you do not need a separate adapter.

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